W-XPR-EXT – Since we launched our wireless, we have been asked if you can house the standard expander in an IP rated box to improve the range, mainly for connection to outside protection such as Gates with contacts or External detectors. Therefore, we have now added an expander in an IP rated box. As an added benefit if you give a local 12V it can also act as a repeater on your system.

INT-LS-C – We have had received great feedback from installers since the launch of our INT-LS range of internal speakers. However, we did receive some requests for a smaller version that would suit domestic installations. Our team of developers have now delivered the INT-LS-C which at 85mm x 85mm x 30mm is a fantastic looking speaker.

W-INT-CS – Sometimes you need more than just an external SAB. End user would like to have additional noise inside their property to deter would be intruders. It can also be very difficult to wire an extension speaker back to a panel to give entry/exit tones at the door. Therefore, this unit gives you both in a stylish housing.

UDL Software – The UDL software has been upgraded to v5.0.6.3 which will give you more added features.