W-UZR-1 Wireless Universal Receiver

Following the success of our wireless range, we were asked to develop a solution where our wireless devices could be added to a 3rd party control panel. Below we have listed some examples of how this is starting to be used, we are sure there are many more ideas.

  • Wireless External detection even on 3rd party panels – This is achieved easily by wiring the W-UZR-1 into a zone on a 3rd party panel and then pairing with an Orisec wireless external detector.
  • Wireless External Sounder – Cable damaged on existing bell, easily add wireless bell to any panel
  • Fixed PA button difficult to cable – Add one wirelessly to any panel
  • Prox Reader needed in remote location – Add the EXT-Prox to a W-UZR-1 and it can wirelessly link with an Orisec panel

Ceiling Mount Range Expanded

Motion detector range increases to add another four ceiling mount detector options, allowing greater choice of protection.

  • DT-360 Grade 2 Wired Dual Tech 360 detector
  • DT-360-AM Grade 3 Wired Dual Tech 360 detector
  • W-QD-360 Grade 2 Wireless Quad 360 detector
  • W-DT-360 Grade 2 Wireless Dual Tech 360 detector

New Software

  • W-ACC-C Accelerometer – Software upgraded to offer 24hr or set mode
    • 24 Hour (Default) – The device will activate once movement has been detected regardless of the system status (SET or UNSET).  This mode is primarily used for non moving items, for example picture frames and ornaments.
    • Set Only – The device will only activate if the system is SET and movement has been detected.  This mode is primarily used for monitoring moving items, for example vehicles.