Protect the Elderly, Vulnerable & Isolating with the Orisec ControlPlus App

Did you know your customers can use our ControlPlus App to check on their loved ones without invading their privacy?

The app can be programmed to warn friends, relatives and/or neighbours if there is no activity within a programmed zone or for any specified length of time.

For Example, if an elderly parent fails to open a bedroom door in the morning, or move around their property etc.

Contact us now if you would like support in promoting this message to your customers. We have both a video and literature that can be personalised for your business.


Specific programming information for the Inactivity Alerts can also be found on our secure installer login site.

In addition to the Inactivity Alerts, we have a range of solutions available to help your customers protect their elderly, vulnerable or isolating friends and family, including:

Panic Buttons & Detectors

Panic buttons and additional detectors including smoke, heat & flood alarms are armed 24/7 and if activated will also notify others via the app.

A range of different panic buttons are available to ensure the elderly and vulnerable always have a solution to raise the alarm immediately if needed.


The ControlPlus App gives users complete visibility of a system, including camera streaming, allowing total operational control, system event notifications and monitoring from anywhere, at any time.

The app can be used by not only the owner of the property, but friends, family and neighbours can also be notified if the alarm is activated for any other reason.

Intruder Alarm System

The Orisec alarm systems are the most reliable and advanced intruder alarm technology available. From 10-500 zones, available in both wired and wireless, there is a system to suit every property.